A Convenient Pawn - book 2 of the Her Lie Series


The Sanctuary of the Prophet told Donovan Boomer he couldn’t have her. After two


years, he finally gets his chance. The only problem is the Sanctuary wants him


back. After reading the blockbuster-tell-all book, Her Lie, His Truth, about the


scammers who run the institution he’d pulled away. They want his money. He just


wants her.

Rachel King is an innocent born and raised in the Sanctuary. She’s asked by the


administrator to help bring Donovan Boomer back to the congregation. She has no


way of knowing what to do to convince or seduce him back in, but wants to support


the Sanctuary to the best of her abilities. It’s all she’s ever known.


In one week her world changes and she’s taught a life she never expected. Will she


believe the truth or continue the lies?