3rd teaser - A Flame Dance

As promised here is the 3rd teaser from A Flame Dance, part three of A Risky Dance series. Enjoy. I'm also posting this with the cover. MS

Hejazi stood in the hotel bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He shaved, again, and thought the last time he’d shaved two days in a row was when his sister got married. He did the math and it would be five years in September.

“You are such an ass,” he mumbled at himself. He wanted to look his best for Grace, but didn’t want to present a false persona. He didn’t want her to think he was something he’s not. His hand froze with the razor. “And what would she think if you didn’t shave? That you are scruffy and don’t take care of yourself, maybe.” He frowned at his reflection. “If the men could see you now they’d give you shit until next Christmas. Straighten up.”

After he’d dropped Grace off at her apartment last night, he’d spent the next couple of hours debating if last night could be considered a date or not. Every time he remembered the kisses they’d shared his cock twitched and he’d needed to jack off twice. She was a beauty, but he wanted to take his time. The next month he’d be free and didn’t have to rush it.

Once dressed, he jumped into the Bronco and headed to Safe Haven. A big burley man sat at the front desk and looked at Hejazi as he walked into the lobby.

“Can I help you?” he said in a deep bass voice.

“Yeah. Where can I find Grace McKay?”

“She’s up on the fourth floor in the kitchen. Just follow the loud music.”

Hejazi took the stairs two at a time and up on the fourth floor heard a pounding beat. When he turned into the kitchen, he stopped and knew he was in trouble. Grace and three other girls stood with their backs to the door. They were working on some kind of dough and all four shimmied their hips and sang along with the song. He couldn’t take his eyes off Graces curvy ass and felt his cock start to harden again.

He leaned against the doorway and felt hypnotized.

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